Would you like to go on a journey
to embody your true authentic self?

Would you like to connect to your intuition and trust the inner wisdom that is always accessible for you?

When we listen to our intuition that talks to us through our body, our relationship with oneselves and the world transforms. We connect with our inner guidance that is our birthright, and that shows us the way to navigate life, gives us a sense of being on a right path, and sends us the answers we need. As we learn to trust our inner compass, we experience more and more moments of peace, fulfillment and belonging.

Transform your relationship with yourself:

  • remember how to connect to your true authentic self
  • face what is holding you back in a safe space
  • reclaim your power and confidence
  • discover your own intuitive wisdom
  • embody your soul’s desire
  • and live the fulfilled life you are meant to live.

My Name is Lenka.

I support women and men to trust their inner wisdom and discover their inner authority that leads them to make this place a more peaceful and inclusive world by understanding their life purpose and actively contributing to human evolution.

This includes the basics teachings of feeling comfortable and safe in your body, practicing the way to regulate your emotions, finding a meaning in your life and focusing towards essential simplicity of what is in each present moment.

Therefore Embodying means creating close relationship with your body, the Earth and the other dimensions, living your life fully connected with your intuition, tapping into your higher wisdom and connecting to all levels of your being into wholeness through practice.

As a result you start to observe that you are living a more fulfilling and authentic life because you have a courage to explore what is there waiting for you to be discovered.

If you hear the calling to uncover the forgotten truth about yourself and learn how to live your life from the inside out, then come on a journey with me.

“I would absolutely recommend sessions with Lenka, especially to people who are looking to connect more
with their own intuition and wisdom or anyone who needs
a bit of clarity, peace and rest.”

Celeste, South Africa

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

Lao Tzu, ancient Chinese philosopher