I was born in Eastern Europe, in a small country called Slovakia. I come from a small Slavic nation that was suppressed by others for centuries, and that gained its independence in 1991. I was born into communistic regime where my people lived in communities depending on each others’ help. I was raised without any religion but very close to the nature with strong Central European traditions that were pagane in their origin but Christianized over centuries.

When I turned five years old, I became a quiet and a shy child as a result from losing someone who seemed to be my soul mate. Highly intuitive, I felt grief and anger, and in falling into those emotions I disconnected myself from the wholeness of the universe. I remember me, laying in the grass and looking at the sky that others found so beautiful, and feeling the wounds of my lonely self. This shaped my life as I was deeply longing for that lost connection that was cut because of my anger and grief. Twenty years later I started to reconnect with the deeper layers of my being with the guidance of my first Qigong teacher who held me safe while I was unlearning what was not serving me in my human life. I became a Qigong teacher in 2016 helping others to unfold from within through the Qigong ancient techniques and a Soul Based Coach in 2021 serving others to connect to their deepest truth. I have also been delivering security trainings for women’s empowerment and safety since 2016. 

I strongly believe our life is a journey to discover who we truly are in our purest essence, to master the light and shadow in us and to invite the divine feminine energy to be embodied through us on the Earthy plane and merge with the divine masculine. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could embody your fullest potential?

If you could live a life full of joy, creativity, ease, fun and happiness?

When you want to embody the best part of yourself, it is helpful to have a clarity on what the best part of yourself actually is.

When do you feel most comfortable in your body?

And where exactly in your body do you feel it?

Your intention today determines your tomorrow.

From the childhood we were conditioned to keep most of our energy in our heads and dissociated from the rest of our body. Our body is our ally, it talks to us, sends us messages, it wants us to feel what is happening inside and will notify us every time it needs our attention. We learned to numb it to the point that we either ignore it, get busy in our mind, or develop mechanisms to shut our body down.

If you want to live a happy life, you have to live from the inside out. By creating connection to your body, you find a way to your soul. When you start honoring your sacred temple, your soul will start speaking to you. It will reveal to you its deepest desires.

Are you ready to start this journey with me?