Shamanic energy medicine

The session with Lenka was an absolute journey… she guided me from a space of confusion to a place of calm and surrender, we journeyed from a mental plane to a shamanic plane without me realizing it and bringing a healing and connection to my ancestral wounds. Her intuition is very sharp… More than once I had a confirmation that she was actually travelling with me in the shamanic realms. Lenka’s voice is soothing and invokes trust and surrender, I really felt I could let go with her. I had a pain in my left leg for years and for the moment it is gone… I am really thankful for this blessing in my life and the gifts that this journey and Lenka’s skills have brought me.

Ela, United States

You would like to find your inner peace… and nobody ever told you how or where to find it.

You were looking for happiness in the outside world and found only temporary satisfaction….

And you know there is more to life than this.

… and guide you safely to your inner wisdom to discover a place of inner peace and fulfillment where you can plant new seeds of your contribution to this world.

I meet you in a place of acceptance, free of judgment where you are welcome as you are right now.

I help you to encounter yourself on a soul level and explore the potential of your creativity through a deep self-discovery.

I invite you to:

  • shift your consciousness from doing to being
  • surrender in trust to your inner wisdom
  • move from head to the body to embody all layers of your being
  • encounter your self in a place of compassion
  • look inside instead of finding truth outside

What you may expect

You find your inner guidance that nobody told you to fully trust it, but you did anyway. It has always been there for you, hidden deep inside within your heart guiding you on your path. You become aware that this deep feminine wisdom speaks to you through symbols and metaphors, and you understand that as you start to trust it more and more, consequently you will be feeling more confident and strengthened in your core.

Your inner guidance will gain more and more importance in your life because it will bring you more choices, freedom and sovereignty, especially in times when you find yourself challenged by the entire world and in need of creating sacred space for caressing your vulnerable self.

You experience more moments of clarity, new insights and perhaps you will feel your ancestors as they hold you in your life so you can create a new, better future for yourself and the future generations.

As you develop more compassion for yourself, you will be able to encounter others from your heart of unconditional love and connection.

And then the most amazing thing happens when you feel loved beyond all, and you become the channel for that love and light so you can share it with others in your life.

Soul Based Coaching is like taking a vacation on a beautiful island with white sandy beaches, crystal clear sea and swimming dolphins and whales in the distance. When suddenly a stunning mermaid comes out of the sea, it is like meeting your soul. You start a lovely conversation and receive amazing insights and clarity where you want to go next and how you want to get there. You dance and sing until the darkness of midnight and wake up fresh and energized into a new morning.

It is a feminine way of coaching where you listen to your soul’s desire, discover what holds you back and how to overcome it.