Transforming negative energy with Qigong on Friday, 19 November 2021

Simple technique to release emotions from your body

Qigong as an ancient Asian technique is a beautiful and gentle way to release heavy emotions that may be stored in your body. You will be guided to tune into your body and start releasing sadness, fear, anger, impatience and worry from your bioenergetics field. The breathwork and healing sounds will support you in this process to smoothly let go and relax, as you learn to deeply trust the this process.

You will lean on the supporting energies of the full moon to release what does not serve you.

In this Qigong session, you will learn to:

·        relax your body

·        center and ground yourself

·        connect with your inner organs with an easy and simple technique

·        understand which emotion effects which inner organ according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

·        get in touch with your emotions that are not serving you and may have been hindering you on your journey towards what you would like to experience in your life.

·        Transform the negative emotions through Qigong movement and healing sounds

At the end of the practice session you will be:

·        grounded and centered in your body and in here and now

·        nourished by Mother Earth energies

·        refreshed and energized in your state of being

·        more conscious about the inner organs and emotions in your body

·        calm in your mind

·        spacious, free and safe through the letting go and forgiveness

Date: Friday, 19th November 2021

Time: 12:00 – 13:15 CET

Where: online zoom meeting

Your contribution: 25 Euros

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