Qigong is an ancient set of exercises and breathing techniques that enables you to reach the meditative state of calmness, stillness and peace through the slow physical movement. It is especially useful for those who find it difficult to reach meditative state in sitting position. There are also advanced Qigong exercises that do not require physical movement, but rather serve the internal cultivation of Qi.

Qigong means working with the energy (Qi) or the vital force in and around your body and is a wonderful tool to connect you with all layers of your being to reach a place of contentment and wholeness. This is a feeling of coming home, a safe and nurturing place to be, when you start living your life from the inside out and stop looking around for things to make you happy.

I started practicing 20 years ago when I was pregnant with my first daughter and looked for a gentle way of keeping myself and my baby well and fit. I started to reconnect with deeper layers of my being with the help of my first Qigong teacher who held a safe space for me to face the shadow parts of myself. As years passed along, I became a devoted practitioner who enjoyed studying different styles of Qigong and reading a philosophy of Taoism (or Daoism) about living in harmony with nature and natural order.

You may find hundreds of different styles and forms of Qigong, because each Qigong trainer teaches differently depending on how advanced his or her level is.

You will learn simple but powerful exercises in my classes to bring awareness to your body, learn to regulate your Qi level, and embody the unity of your eternal self. These include Five Elements Qigong, Eight Brocades, Health Qigong, and Qigong Healing sounds.

“Before Qigong session, my mind is racing in all directions and my body feels exhausted or tense. One hour of Qigong with Lenka, and I am back realigned with my inner peace. My mind is quiet and my body relaxed, what a state of bliss.”

Adriana, Slovakia

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